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Snowmaking Expansion Capital Campaign

We are thrilled to announce the next big step at Forbush Corner Nordic:   Expanding our snowmaking capabilities beyond the loop!

     Our goal is to have a total of 5 km of trails with snowmaking that will incorporate our newly designed biathlon course.

     Our Phase 1 goal will add another 1.5 km of snowmaking this year.  This will almost double our current coverage. Phase II will follow with the addition of another 2 km. 

 Why Expand? 

  1.  Enhanced experience- Winters with limited natural snow have left us relying heavily on our current 2 km snowmaking loop.  While it’s been great, skiing the same loop repeatedly can get monotonous.  The new expansion will introduce diverse terrain and more loop patterns, offering a more enjoyable experience for everyone 

  2. Continuous Access- Currently, snowmaking requires us to shut down the loop for 2-3 days to let the snow drain (set-up, settle) and to spread it around the trail.  This expansion will allow us to make snow in two areas, ensuring one area is always open for skiing, minimizing disruptions.

  3. Beginner-Friendly terrain- We aim to create a beginner-friendly 1 km trail with no hill, providing a safe and welcoming space close to the nordic center, for newcomers to enjoy skiing.  

The Plan:

     We will once again be using Snowmakers Inc. from Midland, MI to bring this vision to life.  The expansion will utilize the Ridge Trail with some modifications and parts of Lil Coaster.  Linda’s Link will be flattened and transformed into Linda’s Loop, a beginner-friendly trail.  These adjustments will allow for a variety of loop patterns, with Ridge and Lil Coaster being one-way trails, enhancing safety and flow. (see map below)

Support Needed:

     The cost of the expansion is estimated at $400,000.  We will have a precise quote in June after a site visit from SMI.  With a generous $100,000 donation already pledged, we need your help to raise the remaining funds to have the extension ready for next season.

     Everything we achieve at Forbush Corner Nordic is thanks to our incredible supporters.  Let’s work together to create even more snow-covered trails for everyone to enjoy!

our newly designed biathlon course.

Snowmaking Expansion Capital Campaign

  • Sponsor level:  It is only through the donations of the skiing community that Forbush Corner Nordic can continue to improve its trail system.

  • $5,000 + - Gold Level - Snow stick sponsors will receive a plaque by a snow stick, Name on a plaque in the shop, and acknowledgement in the yearly report of donors.

  • $2,500 - $4,999 - Silver Level -  Name on a plaque in the shop, and acknowledgement in the yearly report of donors.

  • $1,000 -$2,499 - Bronze Level- Name on a plaque in the shop, and acknowledgement in the yearly report of donors.

  • <$999 - Sponsor Level- Acknowledgement in the yearly report of donors.

Contributions can be made through a Paypal link, through an individual’s charitable mutual fund, stocks/bond transfers or by check.

We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, registered with GuideStar and with the

State of Michigan.

Paypal Link     

Checks should be made out to Forbush Corner Nordic and mailed to the following address.


Forbush Corner Nordic

PO Box 118

Gaylord, MI 49734 

Forbush Corner Nordic - A Unique Cross Country Experience!!!

Forbush Corner Nordic is a recreational non-profit 501(c)(3) cross country ski facility where you and your family can enjoy miles of rolling, wooded trails that are designed for all ability levels. Our entire trail system is groomed with large Pisten Bully snow cat(s) to provide the best classic tracks and skate lanes possible. We have also added a state of the art SMI snowmaking system (2 km figure 8 loop) that almost guarantees skiing for the majority of the winter. Forbush Corner Nordic is located in the Northern Michigan snowbelt which is a micro-climate that receives early and frequent snowfalls.

Services and Amenities

  • Over 30 km of dedicated ski trails expertly groomed for both classic and skate skiing

  • Over 10 km of dedicated snowshoe trails

  • Ski and snowshoe rentals for on-site usage

  • Lessons with a PSIA-AASI Level III instructor

  • Pro shop featuring Madshus skis and equipment, snowshoes, wax, and apparel

  • Expert ski fitting services

  • Binding mounting and wax services

  • Ski Shop, Warming Room, and **NEW** Yurt for changing and taking a break

  • Variety of snacks and drinks for purchase

Featured Corporate Sponsor

Sponsor STIFEL
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