Opening Weekend at The Corner

We have received between 6 - 7" of Lake Effect Snow (LES) over the past couple of days. Larry was out this afternoon and rolled the entire East Trail System with the Bombardier. The trail should firm up overnight as temp's are expected to drop to around 20 degrees F. An additional 3" of LES is also in the forecast for tonight. The grooming plan is to wait and see if we get enough new snow overnight to roll / groom again in the morning. The conditions will be decent / early season tomorrow as is or with new snow. Can't wait to get out there !!!


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Grooming Report - Friday, Feb 14th

The East Trails and Pines Loop remain in great condition after yesterdays grooming. The plan for today is to further widen the West Trails with a tiller pass followed by a grooming pass to set classic

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