New member of the family ...

Here is the latest addition to the Forbush Corner family. An almost new PB 100. It was a tough decision and costly, but our old groomers were 30 years old and parts were getting harder and harder to come by. Plus with the addition of the Hartwick Pines loop back into our trail system we needed a reliable and efficient way to get it all groomed up. So we decided to honor Dave's legacy money by making a purchase that would ensure that we would still have the best grooming around. Something Dave was very proud of establishing during his lifetime. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Yes, Larry and Todd have been like kids in a candy store. Larry will be working his magic on all this lake effect snow we've been getting these last two days. Should be some great skiing tomorrow and through Monday. The groomer is far from paid for so if you enjoy the grooming it provides we have a groomer fund going. I think Dave would approve. It's a beauty, especially in a snow storm.


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