Conditions Update - Friday, Feb 8th

Well, the weather has been interesting to say the least. The east side was groomed yesterday and they only predicted about an inch of snow overnight. Instead we got over four inches of snow with more expected through the day. We do not have a groomer today, so we can not groom up any trails today. Classic skiing is still good, but the tracks will need to be skied in. It’s also very windy today. There is no charge for skiing today because we are not grooming today. Larry will be back to groom up everything for the weekend. Opening later in the day today to let the road conditions improve. 


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Grooming Report - Friday, Feb 14th

The East Trails and Pines Loop remain in great condition after yesterdays grooming. The plan for today is to further widen the West Trails with a tiller pass followed by a grooming pass to set classic

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