Grooming Report - Friday, March 22nd

Larry is out grooming the trails. It will be a little slow going to get things groomed up correctly. We will open the trails as soon as we can. We usually start with Lil' Coaster and then Badlands, followed by Roller Coaster. Temperatures will stay below freezing today until Saturday Afternoon. Skiing should be quite good all weekend.. 

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Grooming Report - Thursday, March 4th

Good morning, our base is In really good shape and should groom up very nicely for some great skiing this weekend. Larry plans to groom the east side today and the west side tomorrow. Temperatures

Grooming Report - Monday, March 1st

Larry is grooming the main loop, ridge, badlands and pancake this morning. Shop is closed, please sign in at the kiosk and pay through the payment slot or online. Thanks and have a great ski.

Grooming Report - Sunday, Feb 28th

No leaping this year! But the skiing is still pretty good at Forbush Corner. The snowmaking, the green trail, and the East trails are being groomed this morning. Please check the forecast when maki

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