Grooming Report - Saturday, March 23rd

The grooming will be tricky with the temperatures dropping to the teens overnight. Groom too much and everything goes to mush once it warms up, don’t groom and things are a bit icy in the morning. Larry will groom up some trails in the morning, so skating will be best in the morning before it warms up. Classic should be good all day. Once it warms up the areas in the sun will soften up considerably. There will also be great crust cruising in the morning out townline to the pines loop and around Hartwick Pines in the open areas. Areas that are in the shade will be quick and firm, open sunny areas will quickly become soft and slow. Great coverage, no ice and there will be sun all day tomorrow. Ski early and bring a chair to sit around in the sun during the afternoon and socialize.


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Grooming Report - Friday, Feb 14th

The East Trails and Pines Loop remain in great condition after yesterdays grooming. The plan for today is to further widen the West Trails with a tiller pass followed by a grooming pass to set classic

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