Grooming Report - Saturday, Dec 26th

We are open today through January 4th 9am-5am. We received some lake effect snow yesterday and some system snow overnight. We will have our 2 km snow making loop open first. We will then start to work on our other trails.

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The loop survived the latest rainy warm-up. Temperatures dropped below freezing last night and set the snow up enough to do some recon. It still has full coverage and no standing water. Temperature

Picked up about 1" of snow overnight. Temps hovering around the freezing mark. Groomed the snowmaking loop this morning with fresh classic tracks too. Postcard pretty out there right now. Open 9-5 t

We will be grooming the snowmaking loop this morning. Should be ready by 10 am. We picked up a little new snow to groom into the older snow which should make for some great April skiing. The front gat