Grooming Report - Sunday, Dec 20th

We received 3-4" of snow yesterday. Grooming is underway with efforts currently focused on all the East Side Trails. Fresh skate lane and tracks with excellent coverage on the Snowmaking Loop and decent conditions in the woods. A few thin sections under the pine trees but easy to negotiate.

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Grooming Report - Saturday, Jan 17th

Light snow falling and grooming underway on the Snowmaking Loop and all the East side trails - Ridge, Badlands, Pancake, and Rollercoaster. Fresh corduroy on the skate deck and new classic tracks. Wes

Grooming Report - Friday, Jan 15th

Good news and bad news, it’s too warm to groom, but because it’s warm the trails are not icy. All the trails are skiable with good coverage and a classic track, but expect spring like conditions. Snow

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